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About Debbie Wolfe


Debbie Wolfe’s music combines her love for solo piano with the French horn. She often creates covers of timeless hymns and folk songs as well as delving into Disney and other contemporary music. One thing remains constant with her music – it’s always uplifting and inspiring.

At age 4, Debbie began to learn the piano. At age 10, the organ. Shortly after that, her brother bribed her with a giant pumpkin cookie if she would play the French horn in the 5th grade band. So, she accepted the cookie and began her musical training in horn, eventually pursing a minor in music education.

Debbie has a B.S. in Biology education from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a M.S. in Science Education from Montana State University.  Besides making monthly YouTube videos, Debbie is raising her 3 daughters with her husband in Eastern Oregon. She teaches piano and horn, plays the organ for church, and is the principal horn in the Treasure Valley Symphony.

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